One writer and one visual artist or photographer are paid to participate in the Research Series by creatively responding to the work of the in-residence artists. The point of the program is to allow for exchange across discipline and  to create opportunities to broaden the exploration of the artists in residence by offering multiple in-depth perspectives. Writers and visual artists are invited to participate at various times throughout the year.

Young Lungs accepts a letter of interest and examples of work on an ongoing basis. Please send to [email protected] or fill in the online form.

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Listing of Essays

Over the last couple years we have been commissioning writers and visual artists/photographers to critically respond to and engage with the research of the artists-in-residence through creative essays.  Below is the collection of creative essays to date.

  • a study in truth (or an act through two movements) - by Reza Rezaï Continue Reading
  • Questions: a response to Tanja Woloshen and Deanna Peters’ Research - By Callie Lugosi “I need more arms.” In Tanja Woloshen’s research, she raises questions such as: What is the body? How could investigating limb consciousness inform ecology and freedom? What do our limbs carry? How do I explore our relationship to the future through the body? These questions are big and esoteric in nature. When asked to clarify what she’s… Continue Reading
  • Seeing and knowing - seeing and knowing by hannah_g Produced as part of Research Series September-November 2017 I was looking at some reproductions of Torey Thornton’s paintings the other day. Colourful, witty, the paintings contain forms which correlate to things in the world one may be familiar with – tiger stripes, fruit, a herd, furniture. Getting into their specifics, however, places one in the… Continue Reading
  • Essay - by Beth Schellenberg 2018 November - January Research Series The morning I head to the Young Lungs studio is biting, the cold and sun making my eyes water. I am one of the last to arrive, and after removing a comical number of layers and setting my boots alongside the others, I enter the studio where researchers have already begun… Continue Reading
  • A Study in Migratory Bodies - A Study in Migratory Bodies by Graham Wiebe Continue Reading
  • A Written Workshop - by Jaz Papadopoulos Pick something. Something you can do with your body. Something easy. Something easy you can do with your body. Something easy you can do with your body every day. drink a glass of water say hi to yourself in the mirror look out the window and count to ten do you favourite stretch for five breaths read… Continue Reading
  • Visual Essay - September - November 2017 Research Series Visual Essay by Michelle Panting Davis Plett with Rachelle Bourget Alex Winters with Warren McLelland Kayla Jeanson with Alex Winters and Brianna Ray Ferguson Self Portraits inspired by research Michelle Panting is a writer and lens-based artist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 2013, she founded FULL, a website dedicated to documenting art, culture, and… Continue Reading
  • dance, discipline, and the anarchic body; or, how do i get my body to let me take a dance class? - dance, discipline, and the anarchic body; or, how do i get my body to let me take a dance class? by a. charlie peters 2015-2016 Research Series how do i get my body to let me take a dance class? this sounds like i’m invested in the mind/body split. I’m not, but i slide into it as readily as the… Continue Reading
  • In Flux - In Flux - A Visual Essay by Michel Saint Hilaire  The Ritual ~ Climb ~ The Performance ~ Velvet War Still ~ In Flux ~ Mercury ~ Robot Empire ~ Heavenly Bodies ~ Ghost Rehearsal/Research   Continue Reading
  • It’s a Big Mess: Non|Sense Making on a Damaged Planet -   IT’S A BIG MESS: NON|SENSE MAKING ON A DAMAGED PLANET By Praba Pilar I dedicate this talk to Glamdrew Andrew Henderson. I am honored to have been a part of his process with Eroca Nicols and collaborators Carly Boyce and Mars Gradiva. I am grateful he took my secret to the grave.   Life, vida, biome, biotic, creation –… Continue Reading