About us

Young Lungs Dance Exchange is a not-for-profit artist-run support organization committed to the development, creation and presentation of contemporary dance and interdisciplinary performance in Winnipeg.

We are Winnipeg’s only artist-run support organization for dance and movement-based practises.

Our mission is to

Support and challenge artists to take artistic risks.

Promote artistic excellence.

Foster collaboration and cross-pollination between genres, disciplines, styles, ideas.

Encourage a blend of experimentation, research, and formal presentation.

Facilitate the evolution of contemporary dance as an artform.

Our mandate is to

Provide creators and performers with paid, immersive, professional development opportunities designed to maximize sharing, discussion and critique.

Expand the scope of its programs to serve artists at each stage of their professional careers

Promote and expand the reach of professional contemporary dance in Winnipeg by hosting roundtable discussions, workshops and other events that are open to the general public.

Offer professional contexts in which artists and can learn skills, cultivate a larger repertoire and develop presentation histories.

Provide opportunities for artists to connect with other artists for advice, guidance through mentorship.

Provide regularly available practice and presentation space.

Present contemporary dance and interdisciplinary performance.

Provide marketing and awareness support for our network and partner organizations.

Contribute to the growth of performers, choreographers, educators and the arts community at large.


In 2004, a Winnipeg collective produced a successful showcase, Not Frozen or Canned which prompted regular shows by various local creators all under the moniker of Young Lungs Dance Exchange.

In 2006 Young Lungs incorporated as a not­-for­-profit and introduced two annual professional presentations: No Idling which presented new works and Link which presented interdisciplinary collaborations. In 2012, responding to community desire for more in-­depth development and experimentation, No Idling and Link evolved into two annual open-­form creation/presentation contexts.

1. The Production Series, which would begin to offer two creators a longer presentation platform and more development time.

2.  The Research Series, which would facilitate workshop-style development/experimentation and interaction in and around dance.

As experimentation is essential to artistic practice, YLDE invests much of its energy into producing The Research Series. This past 2014/15 year, additional components were incorporated into the Research Series thanks to a presenters grant from Canada Council. These included peer­-to­-peer observation, creator classes, and an endnote address & roundtable discussion, including the presentation of an essay by a commissioned academic reflecting on the process.