3 Replies to “YLDE /// Teacher Series 2015 info!”

  1. Hello YLDE-er’s

    Attached is an info-sheet re: and upcoming "teacher series" featuring a range of teachers teaching a range of classes that touch on many aspects/directions of dance.

    Some news faces and some seasoned experience to take in!

    Hopefully, you be able to try a class or two or three or 30!

    Ian & The Board (Natasha, Johanna, Coral, Sarah & Zorya)

  2. What are the levels of the classes? Are they all advanced/professional or are there some that would be appropriate for an intermediate level dancer?

  3. Indeed. The classes are for mixed level … generally, intermediate and up. howevee, some classes will be foundational. For example, Zorya and Amarpreet may work more on basics. Does this help?

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