What is the Research Series?

A research laboratory designed to support the individualized creative process of movement-based artists by providing resources such as artists fees, rehearsal space, performance and public presentation opportunities. The purpose of the series is to allow for in-depth research, critical thinking, risk-taking, professional development, skill enhancement and an exchange of expertise.

Three (3) artists or artistic teams will be selected to participate per quarter of the 2016/17 Research Series via this application process. Applications will be reviewed and chosen by a selection committee.

Applications must be submitted online to younglungs.wpg@gmail.com

Dates: Currently accepting submissions for the second quarter: October-December, 2016. 

Deadline: Applications must be submitted by Sept. 9th, 2016.

2016 Application Guidelines


Applications should include:

1.    Contact Information

2.    Description of Research Project (3 pages max)

        •Articulate a research question you plan to investigate and goals you want to achieve with this lab.

•Describe how you will approach your research question - clearly outline the combination of ideas, imagery, materials, content, method, and process.

•Specify how many performers the project requires (up to 3) and indicate whether you can feasibly undertake the research with fewer than requested.

•Include the name/s of performers you will work with (if already confirmed)

•Include the name of a mentor/artist you would like to have present for consultation during the research period. Explain why this artist is a suitable mentor.

2.    Artistic statement (400 words or less)

•Include any motivations, intentions, or inspirations that are a critical part of your artistic process.

•Describe any concepts, materials, subjects, processes, structures, or questions central to your work.

3.    1 page Resume

4.     Relevance of Research Series (150 words or less). What resources offered by Young Lungs’ research series is most relevant to your current artistic process? How will you engage with these resources? (Please refer to list of resources below).


Criteria and Context:

Through the Research Series, Young Lungs supports:

• Rigorous and wide-ranging artistic investigations that are movement-based, but that may incorporate other disciplines and collaborations, with a focus on experimentation.

• Artists who reflect a range of directions and approaches to making work such that there is an interesting confluence of artistic ideas being explored over the course of the series.


Resources facilitated by Young Lungs during the research laboratory:

• A creator fee of up to $990

• 36 hours of free rehearsal space

• Performer fee of up to $880 for up to three (3) performers*

• Consultations with peers in three (3) 90 minute sessions

• Mentorship fee of $200

• Creator class exchange

• Concluding endnote and roundtable discussion

• Public presentation of your research

• Opportunity to have your research considered by a professional writer and photographer for a dance journal


NOTE: All fees are rated at $22 an hour. If artists go over the amount of hours required they must find funding to match. If artists are under the hours the fee given will reflect that.

*Exact research team numbers are contingent upon the number/nature of applicants and the funds available.



Each creator is required to adhere to the following:

• Demonstrate/show their research at the Research Series presentation night

• Participate in discussions on topics determined by the artists

• Participate in the peer-to-peer consultations

• Participate in the Creator Class Exchange by developing a 45min class based on their research and attend the other creators’ classes

• Cover four (4) bartending shifts at the Gas Station Arts Centre between October 2016 and February 2017. *

• Submit a final report at the end of the residency detailing activities and feedback


*GSAC provides YLDE with space to train and produce in exchange for volunteer support for GSAC’s own activities. The bartending responsibility is essential to making YLDE programming possible.

Funding for the Research Series is generously provided by Manitoba Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and Winnipeg Arts Council. 

Young Lungs Dance Exchange is a not-for-profit artist-run service organization committed to the development, creation, and presentation of contemporary dance in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Please find more information about Young Lungs Dance Exchange at younglungs.ca